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Dholka town, where our college is situated, is considered one of the ancient historical towns of Gujarat. Being the ancient town the exact year of its establishment is not known. According to some historians, Dholka town was founded in the 6th century B.C. But the historical evidence of the existence of Dholka is available from the year 1024 A.D. The name of Dholka or Dhavalak is mentioned in the Sanskrit literature of this era. Some monuments of 11th and 12th century A.D. exist in Dholka today. Many Sanskrit scriptures were written in Dholka during 12th and 13th century A.D. Dholka was considered as the ‘knowledge Centre’.

Dholka is the capital town of Dholka Taluka of Ahmedabad District of Gujarat State. It is situated 65 kms South-westwards from Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat State and 40kms from Ahmedabad city. The municipality of Dholka was established in 1856 A.D. and it was among the first five Municipalities of Gujarat which were established in the year 1856 – 57.

Our college is run by Dholka Education Society which is the foremost Trust among the nine Trusts providing educational facilities to the students of Dholka and surrounding villages. It was established in 1945. Dholka Education Society is registered under societies Registration Act 1985 No.13/45 and Public Trust Act No.F/46. the Society is providing educational facilities to the students of Dholka town and surrounding villages from Kindergarten to Graduation and Post graduation level.

Our college was founded in 1963 by Dholka Education Society. The first Chief Minister of Gujarat State late Shri Jivarajbhai Mehta handed over the old Govt.Guest House and the surrounding land to the former Minister and President of Dholka Education Society to start an Arts and Commerce college in 1963. The old building was renovated and extended to start the college with the donation of Rs.75, 000/- given by Late Shri Damodardas K. Shah. Considering this big amount of donation the college was christened as ‘Smt. Rambhaben Damodardas Shah Arts and Smt Vijayaben Damodardas Shah Commerce College. The college building was inaugurated by former Minister Late Shri Ratubhai Adani. Our college is affiliated to Gujarat University which was established in 1949.

>> About College

The logo of the college consists of the symbol of a book with lamp from which the light of knowledge is spreading just like the rays of sunlight. In the inner side of the symbol a part of Sanskrit stanza -‘vidhya yogena rakshyate ‘is written.

The full stanza and its meaning are as under:

‘ satyen rakshyate dharmo, vidhya yogena rakshyate !
bhrujaya rakshyate rupam, kulam vrutan rakshyate ‘ !!

‘The religion is protected by truth, knowledge is protected and remains alive by constant touch with it (knowledge), appearance is protected by cleanliness, and ancestry is protected by good conduct. ‘

The Sanskrit stanza emphasizes not only on truth, cleanliness, and good conduct (Morality), but also to remain in constant touch with knowledge by learning and spreading it. So, like the rays of the sunlight knowledge enlightens the students. The process of constant learning and researching of knowledge helps the students to enlighten themselves as well as people of the society or country just like the rays of the sunlight.

The duty of a student is to acquire knowledge and to remain in constant touch with it. The duty of a teacher is also to acquire and expand knowledge pertaining to his faculty or subject.

So, the above logo of our college itself explains the ‘motto’ of our college.

Mission Vission
  1. To impart higher level quality education of graduation and post graduation level in Arts and Commerce faculties to the students of Dholka town and the surrounding villages.

  2. To impart value based and spiritual education to the students, empowering them to fight against social and economic evils of the society.

  3. To create awareness among the students as well as citizens about the social environmental and health related problems by promoting various extension activities and involving the students and teachers in extension activities which can benefit the society.

  4. To create ambience in which new ideas, quality of leadership and innovations can flourish.

Enhancement of modern educational facilities with addition of new subjects or syllabi considering the educational requirements of the students and creation of self confidence and competence among the students through career guidance, consultancy services, professional courses and enable the students to cope with new changes occurring in the competitive world.

Our MISSION and VISION justify reasonably have the tuning of our Higher Education policies of the Nation. We are conscious enough to ensure this tuning and we have been taking necessary steps to have activities accordingly. In support of this we can enumerate as under.


  • One of the education policies of the Nation is to impart higher level quality education to the youths of the Nation not only in urban areas but rural areas also, so that more and more youths can be equipped with higher level education. The mission of our institution is also to impart higher level quality education to the youth of Dholka town and the surrounding villages.

  • To uplift the down trodden people of India through imparting higher level education to the students of these particular sections of the society is one of the policies of our Government. We admit all the qualified students of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Socially and Economically backward classes.

  • Females should be included in the main stream of the social, economic and political fabrications of the nation. Our college is co-education institution so we impart higher level education to females too.

  • There are so many social and economic evils prevailing in India. These evils hinder the social and economic progress of India and create many problems. To eliminate these evils it is necessary to impart value based and spiritual education to the youths of our Nation. Mission of our college is also to impart such kind of education to the students, so that they can be empowered to fight against these evils.
>> Board of Management
Mr.Kanjibhai N. Patel
M.Com., FCA
Mr.Ghanshyamsinh M. Chavda
Vice President
M.Com.,  B.Ed.
Mr. Chittaranjanbhai H.Shah
Hon. Secretary, LLB
Mr. Laljibhai C. Patel
Co. Hon. Secretary
Mr. Natubhai K. Patel
Building Contractor
Mr. Piyushbhai O.Desai
B.Com., Industrialist
Mr. Kanjibhai A.patel
Mr.Narayansingh Paderiya

Mr. Yogendra C. Buch
Mr. Thakorlal K. Modi
Mr. Mukesh Bhai Shah
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